We provide a service from one collector to another.
All of our items are non-commercial releases
put together by fans and collectors
from all over the world.

These are not mass-produced and are
only available on a per request basis.

You are not buying their performance or content
of the material in any way.

By visiting our website, you agree:

1. You are not working for any television
or movie production studio, network
or otherwise affiliated organizations.
2. You are not employed by any government agency
or an affiliated agency, including any type
of sub-contractor or independent agents.
3. You are not a postal inspector. 

We will not knowingly provide or reproduce
any items that have copyright infringements
or that have been released commercially
by any record company or otherwise
authorized source unless it is out of print
and now classified as a collector's item.

This site is not for commercial use!
The Video Home Recording Act settled by Congress
in October 1992 with the Home Recording Act
P.I. 102-563, 106 Stat 4237, Codified at 17 U.S.C 1001-1010
states no action may be brought under
this title alleging infringement of copyright based
on manufacture, importation or distribution
of a digital or analog recording
medium or based on the non-commercial use
of such a device or medium.
No rights are intended, expressed or implied.
For further questions about copyright infringement, 
review the 1984 Supreme Court Case
Sony Corporation vs Universal City Studios. 

All items on our website are guaranteed!
 Every disc is inspected for defects to ensure quality. 
Any defective discs will be replaced.
A description of each item is given and will clearly state
if the series is incomplete and the recording source.
Item quality is rated on a scale from A+ to C-.
All items are recorded on high quality DVD-R discs
(Sony, TDK, Memorex, etc.)
We take great pride in the quality of our items,
and will not post items rated less than C-.
All items include cover art unless stated and
all series sets include a detailed episode list or guide.
In the rare event an item is damaged during shipping,
return the item for replacement.
Please be aware that quality may vary
due to the source of the recording
and some shows are from TV recordings
which may show logos.

We will gladly sell or trade our items to you.
By purchasing from us, you are stating:
1. You have read this disclaimer.
2. You agree to the terms and conditions
3. You acknowledge that these transactions
are from collector to collector
and any costs are not for
product or labor or for profit,
but may include: 
Use and maintenance of equipment

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