All transactions are final!
Trades are always welcome!
Paypal is the preferred method of payment.
Money orders are also acceptable.
Items are shipped in the order in
which they are received and paid for.
Shipping is usually within 24 hours.
For large orders, shipping time is a week.  

In an effort to keep prices low and affordable,
email is utilized for all contacts or inquires.
All items include cover art and
are shipped in a disc case.
Some items also include an episode guide.
If you would prefer not to have the cover art
or disc case, you may request to have your item shipped in a plain white sleeve
at a discounted price.

Update 5-24-2020 )
Because of the skyrocketing cost of printer ink i can no longer include cover art with orders. I now ship all item's with plain white dvd sleeves at a discounted price. If and when printer ink prices go down i will again offer item/item's with cover art. I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience.

You can place an order or request or
Contact us with any questions at:

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